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Is Bankruptcy The Right Thing To Do?

Written by Administrator. Posted in Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bankruptcy The Right Thing To Do?

As life unfolds, unforeseen circumstances such as medical expenses, job loss, or other financial crises may put people into situations where they are unable to pay their bills. Creditors may harass you or file lawsuits against you. Creditors may call you relentlessly. Bankruptcy law is designed to provide relief, protect you and help you get a fresh start. Petitions for bankruptcy are filed with the notation of” Relief Ordered.” Relief is normally what occurs when a filing is done carefully and properly.

Other options may be available to help manage your debt. Credit counseling agencies offer services such as Debt Management Plans, which could help you solve your financial problems. However if you cannot create a workable budget and stick to it, or if the bills keep mounting, or if you need more than lower interest rates on credit card debt, then it makes no sense to contact a credit counseling agency. Bankruptcy may be the better choice. In your consultation at the McConnell Law office, your financial situation will be carefully reviewed and discussed with you. Mr. McConnell will advise you as to what is your best option. Your best option may or may not be bankruptcy.