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Robert Hale McConnell


Written by Administrator. Posted in Legal Services


Writing a will is something many people avoid. We don't like to face our own mortality. Even if we don't want to face it, our family members could be confronting this issue without regard to what we wanted or what is best for them. A will can answer these questions and provide protection and peace of mind.


Attorney McConnell suggests making a will for the following reasons:

  • To keep the family from worrying, before and after you have passed.
  • To keep the state from having to step in. Intestate means there is no will and the state will determine who administers the estate and who receives the assets. If you have a nontraditional family this is important. Courts will typically hand over the assets to the next of kin.
  • To name who will be guardians of your children. The state again will step in and make the decision. Your children may be raised by a relative of whom you might not approve.
  • To keep the family business alive. A will clearly states your intentions regarding the business.
  • To maintain civility in the family. Disagreement about distribution of assets or other estate issues can bring out the worst in families. It can sever relationships forever.

Mr. McConnell has written hundreds of wills. He can help make the process as simple as possible. He can help provide peace of mind, help to ensure your wishes are carried out, and help you protect your family.

When you make an appointment to see Mr. McConnell about a will, please bring with you the correctly spelled legal names with middle initials and addresses of all individuals to be named in the document.

Fees for wills vary depending on the complexity of your estate.